Let’s Do This

Oh, Readers!  Welcome to my newest online projection of myself, Oh, Sustenance! the food blog.  To introduce myself to this community, I am a 22 year old straight white male from Minneapolis and recently moved to Buenos Aires to work, speak Spanish with “sh”s in it, and see what warm Christmas is like.  My job hasn’t started yet, and this seemed like a fun way to kill some time, by which I mean, I’m going to take this blog incredibly seriously and you should too probably by reposting this to all of your myface retweeters.

I like tasty food, but I don’t like that food costs money and takes a while to make.  So you will find that my food recipes are cheap, delicious, and in qualities much larger than you and your friends could eat in a single meal.  That’s why they invented leftovers.

In summary, I will periodically make food, write about it, and put up some pictures.  Depending on how relatively difficult this is, I may give an estimated cost of production of the recipe, so you can see how much bite you get for your buck.


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