Fruit Sauces

You know when you’ve found yourself with fruit leftover in the fridge, just about to turn? Or when you’ve made pancakes but realize you have nothing sweet to add? Or when it’s day 3 of a 5-day camping trip, but you’re back at your home base because your gear wasn’t waterproof and you have to get rid of your leftover apples before you cross the Argentine-Chilean border?

If you’re like me, all of these have happened to you in the past two months. Fortunately a single solution solves all three of these problems: sauce your fruit.

You probably thought that the fruits are goners and that it was better to bite the bullet and throw them out than let them rot. Or you have serious guilt over throwing away food so you intentionally forget about the fruit until it is so moldy that nothing in the animal kingdom should be eating it. But you can save those last apples and turn it into something better than they ever were before. All you need is your stove, your otherwise to be discarded fruit, flour, and sugar.

Chop up your fruit rather finely and put it in a covered pot on medium/high heat. Let the heat break down the fruit, and depending on the sweetness of the fruit involved and your sweet tooth, add sugar. Flour or corn starch thickens the sauce. Heat until you don’t want to anymore, and you’ve got yourself another great sauce.

Do it with a bunch of apples and some cinnamon, and you’ve made apple sauce. Or go crazy and mix fruits. Just promise to tell me about it when you’re done.

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  1. Paul says:

    Still reading – keep them coming!

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