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Cuban Black Beans and Rice

I sometimes think that by having a food blog I’ve turned myself into some form of evangelist.  As if I’m thinking “these noodles are soooooo good.  I must share them – with the world!  Everyone!  To your kitchens!”  But I … Continue reading

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Flavorful Sesame Salt Over Asparagus

Quick post today! There’s not much floating around in my head right now, so I give you minimal tangential commentary today. Of the two times I’ve prepared asparagus, this was way better. It’s simple and flavor-intense and uses the sesame … Continue reading

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French Toast’s Powdery White Secret

Somethings should never change.  Mastercard Commercials.  NYC’s Little Italy.  Christine O’Donnell TV Ads.  And mother’s french toast recipe.  The fantastic combination of eggs, bread and maple syrup to break up the breakfast monotony of my six different cereal choices. Last … Continue reading

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